In 2021, we all want to do our bit to help the planet – and that begins at home.


We’ve given up plastic straws, collected Bags For Life, switched to energy saving bulbs… there are plenty of different ways to help the planet just by making some changes within your own home. However, there’s little point trying to help the environment if you aren’t making sure that you’re going the right way about it.


One of the most widely popular and oldest ways that we can be more environmentally friendly is to ensure that we’re recycling all of our waste. Recycling has been commonplace in the United Kingdom since 2003 when the Household Waste Recycling Act passed, meaning that every council throughout the UK was required to offer every household in their area at least two kinds of recyclable material collection by 2010 – a target that has long since been met.


These days, you likely have at least three different kinds of bin for your household – but are you using them effectively? Whilst recycling has been commonplace for many years, it’s still sometimes easy to get confused.


Here’s our tips for ensuring that your recycling is up to standard!


Check The Rules For Your Area


Whilst certain recycling rules apply to the country as a whole, there are still plenty of differences in the way that various counties or areas handle their recycling.


These differences can be anything from the date or frequency of your recycling collections, to the colour of your recycling bins to whether or not certain materials even can be recycled in your area. So, whether you have moved to a new area or just need a little more clarification on your area’s recycling programme, be sure to check your local council’s website.


Keep Things Clean


Certain materials, whilst placed into recycling bins, are not able to be recycled once they reach recycling facilities – and this is usually down to the condition that they were thrown away in.


If you’re placing packaging from any food into a recycling bin, first ensure that the item is clean. Be sure to rinse out can and jars after use and to put any cardboard that can’t be cleaned up into the general waste to prevent it effecting the rest of your cardboard recycling. By getting into the habit of cleaning things out as you go, you’ll find that recycling is a much easier job – and that it becomes second nature.


Check The Rules For Mixed Items


If you have an item that you’re looking to recycle, but that contains different materials, be sure to take a look at the packaging before throwing the whole thing away.


For instance, a cardboard cake box can be recycled, but the soft plastic window that allows buyers to look into the box most likely can’t be. The same goes for glass bottles – a beer bottle can be recycled by placing it amongst the rest of your glass bottles, but the metal cap cannot be recycled in the same way.


This brings us to our next point…


Find Out Where To Recycle Specialist Items


Whilst some items aren’t suitable for household recycling, they can often be recycled elsewhere.


Metal bottle caps, batteries, single-use carrier bags and paper coffee cups are just a few of the items that can be recycled but do not fit into any of the common household recycling categories. However, if you really want to do the most that you can do for the planet, you can hold onto such items and take them to a specialist recycling point once you get the opportunity.


There’s likely at least one recycling point for the majority of the items listed above near you, so be sure to take a look online and find out where you should be taking certain items rather than throwing them in with your general waste.


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