Many of us can get into the habit of acquiring more and more belongings and home clutter, not realising quite how much it’s taking over our living space until we have very little space left at all! When that happens, one thing is clear – it’s time for a bit of clear-out.


However, when there’s so much stuff to go through, it’s difficult to know where to start. So, if you’ve found yourself in need of some help whittling down your belongings and making room for some new memories within your home, here’s our guide to pulling off the perfect summer clear-out.


Take It Room-By-Room


If you’re looking to clear space within every area of your home, it can seem like quite the overwhelming task. In this case, it’s always best to take it one room at a time.


By doing this, you’ll break down the overall task into several more manageable tasks. We’d recommend starting with the room which will contain the most storage space once you’ve sorted through it, such as your garage, loft or any spare rooms where the wardrobes have become over-run with belongings that rarely see the light of day.


Not only will handling this first allow you to free up some extra space for the things that you do decide to keep in the end, but these rooms are often the ones which contain the most clutter, therefore making them the biggest part of the job overall.


Once you’ve cleared some space in these rooms, move onto the next. You could complete these rooms in whichever order you please, though we’d recommend continuing to handle the biggest jobs first – for example, you likely have more clutter in the bedrooms or kitchen than in the living room or bathroom, so we’d handle these more high-maintenance rooms before moving onto the smaller tasks.


Break It Down Into Different Sections


Breaking your home clear-out down room-by-room isn’t all you can do to split the overall job into much more manageable tasks – each room can be split into different sections, too.


For example, when you begin to sort through your bedroom, take each section of the room one at a time. If you have belongings stored under your bed, make this one task, then move onto wardrobes, drawers, etc.


Clothes are another thing entirely. When dealing with these, it’s best to split your belongings into three sections – clothes to keep, clothes to donate and clothes to get rid of. This initial method of organisation will then allow you to break them down into smaller groups in order to store them more efficiently – for example, the clothes you wear less could be put into drawers or stored elsewhere, while your most-worn garments are most efficiently placed in your wardrobe for easy access.


Be A Little Ruthless


It’s all well and good deciding to whittle down your belongings in theory – in practice, it might be a little harder.


As humans, we can form a sentimental attachment to near enough anything, which means we often end up keeping things in our possession whether we use them or not. It can be difficult to get past this, but once we do, it makes the process much easier.


Try setting yourself a rule to stick by when it comes to whether or not you should keep something. For example, if you haven’t used something in a year, do you really need it?


One kind of clutter that most households find themselves building up over time is with items such as books, DVDs and CDs, which we often find ourselves with many of – and these items take up plenty of space! Again, be a little more ruthless here – are you really going to re-read that book that you’ve already read? Do you need that film on DVD or is it accessible via a streaming service?


If we can learn to break our attachments to certain items – especially those which don’t particularly have any sentimental significance – it makes the process of freeing up space much easier.


Make Some Money


Whilst taking on your clear-out project, look out for opportunities to make some money!


Whether it’s eBay, DePop, local Buy & Sell groups or even a traditional car boot sale, there are no shortage of ways to sell your pre-loved belongings to others who’ll get more use out of them. These days, you can find a new owner for near enough any item if it’s in good condition, so be sure to keep this in mind.


This doesn’t apply to everything, of course. Keep it to items that you’re sure will be of use to someone, otherwise you’ll be keeping hold of it for a long time whilst you’re waiting to make a sale, at which point the item is still taking up space in your home.


Organise To Have Your Waste Collected


Be sure to organise to have your waste collected rather than deciding to handle it for yourself! Performing a home clear-out is a pretty big job, so you likely won’t want to take all the resulting waste to the local tip yourself.


An alternative solution is hiring a skip, though you’re likely to find yourself with this parked outside your home for a while whilst you complete your clearance project – and we all know that these look more than a little unsightly.


The best option is to have a professional clearance company handle the removal for you! Here at Moorlands Waste, we provide affordable commercial and residential waste removal to properties in Stoke-On-Trent and the surrounding areas.


We’ll happily remove any type of waste from your property and our rubbish removal charges include a generous labour allowance for collecting and loading, so take a look at our pricing and then sit back and leave it to us!


If you’re taking on a clearance project and need a hand from Moorlands Waste, get in touch today.