We all like to take on a bit of spring cleaning as we freshen up our homes for the summer, but it’s often the thought of mounting rubbish that puts us off, isn’t it?


After all, if you’re trying to cut down on months worth of lockdown clutter (we’re all guilty of buying things we didn’t need to pass the time!) and years of pre-loved belongings, you could be left with a pretty large pile of bags and boxes to work through.


Buying a skip is one option, but skips can be costly, especially if you find yourself in need of a skip permit – and then there’s the small matter of having it out on your drive until it can be picked up. Add to that the responsibility that we all now feel to be as eco-friendly as possible, and to avoid adding to landfill, and that springtime clear-out no longer feels like such a great idea.


However, there is a better option. If you’re located in Staffordshire, Cheadle or Stoke-On-Trent, Moorlands Waste can collect all your clutter for you.


Here are just a few of the reasons that you should call on us to assist you in your next big clear-out!


We’re Quick


We offer a same-day waste removal service, allowing you to get rid of your waste quickly and easily.


No waiting for skips to be delivered or collected, left out on the drive for days. No unsightly bags out in the back garden or stored away in the garage while you wait for a collection slot – just give us a call and we’ll come and collect your waste as soon as we can.


Decluttering is a task that we’d all like over and done with in as short a time as possible, which is why we work to ensure that our customers aren’t kept waiting. We’ll get it moved quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your clutter-free new space!


We’re Good To The Planet


These days, we all want to do what we can to be a little more eco-friendly – and we’re especially passionate about the environment.


That’s why Moorlands Waste will always work to ensure that everything that can be recycled is recycled. Landfill sites remain one of the largest contributors to global warming due to their high greenhouse gas emissions, which is why we want to keep as much waste away from landfill as we can.


By recycling wherever possible, we can slow the negative effects of landfill sites in the UK on the environment – and we’re proud to be doing our bit!


By calling on Moorlands Waste, you can rest assured that we’re disposing of your waste in the most environmentally friendly that we can.


We’ll Save You Money


Yard for yard, rubbish collection with Moorlands Waste is a much cheaper alternative to skip hire.


There’s no permit needed when you call on us to collect your waste for you, while skip hire often comes with the inconvenient need for permission – this can sometimes prolong the process of getting a skip by weeks, too. We pride ourselves on being a faster and more affordable option.


We also operate on a pay-per-cubic-yard basis with no large minimum load. Our vans can collect anything from a single item to providing full home clearances and you only pay for what we take.


Waste removal can be expensive, but not when you choose Moorlands Waste to take it on for you!


You Can Take It Easy


We know that taking on a large-scale clear-out can be a pretty long and exhausting process.


Going through everything, packing it up, deciding what can be sold or donated and what needs to be recycled – there’s a long to-do list before you get to the waste removal step of things.


That’s why the Moorlands Waste removal service includes a fully-vetted Moorlands Waste collection team to handle the removal for you, from anywhere on the property. Relax – you’ve earned it!


Could We Help You?


If you’re in the Staffordshire, Cheadle or Stoke On Trent area and are looking to clear some unwanted waste, we’re always here to help.


We’re flexible, fast, affordable and take an environmentally-focused approach to waste clearance. Whatever the waste and however much you are looking to clear, we’re happy to take it on.


If you’d like more information on our pricing, services or would like to call on us for your waste removal needs, get in touch with us today!